Live Chat Transcript from Bido’s Domain Auction

I spoke with Art from Bido and he gave me clearance to go ahead and post up the live chat transcript from yesterday’s live domain name auction where I answered questions in their live chat room.

Read through some of the interesting discussion below about keyword domain names, finding type in traffic domains, and more.

Here is the chat transcript in it’s entirety:

[13:01] Jarred: Welcome to Bido
[13:01] Joel Ohman: Thank you very much for having me!
[13:02] Jarred: Thanks for being our special guest today Joel
[13:02] Jarred: @Joel, what is your background?
[13:04] Joel Ohman: I originally started out in the finance space as a CFP (I still am although I don’t currently take clients) and then began to do some web work on our the health insurance agency website that I own
[13:04] Joel Ohman: from there that morphed into more SEO
[13:04] Jarred: CFP as in certified financial planner
[13:04] Joel Ohman: all for in house websites that I own
[13:04] Joel Ohman: yes
[13:05] Jarred: thats fantastic so you enjoy helping people and make money at the same time
[13:05] Joel Ohman: and then the SEO turned into more of a domaining type angle as I realized the value that a domain name can have on not only your ranking but on your long term sustainable value
[13:05] Jarred: and then moved from that to in house stuff
[13:05] Jarred: @Joel when exactly was that when you started domaining?
[13:06] Joel Ohman: yes, I currently own 4 companies with 1 being the health insurance agency, 2 being companies that hold portfolios of domain names, and the 4th being a new domaining tools site at
[13:06] Joel Ohman: I started domaining probably almost 2 years ago
[13:07] Joel Ohman: although before that I was maybe a domainer but didnt know it as I owned various domains but all I thought about was SEO really
[13:08] Jarred: were you going straight for premium and aftermarket domains or still able to get hand regs at the time, or both?
[13:09] Joel Ohman: I tend to do a mixture of both: I am able to find a lot of nice hand registrations that I really just can’t pass up when I use the type-in traffic finder and some of the other tools on my site but my main focus is premium insurance .com domains
[13:09] Joel Ohman: I love insurance .com domains and really almost any other finance .com domain
[13:10] Joel Ohman: although I have domains in every niche available both developed and waiting to be developed
[13:10] Joel Ohman: anything from hypnosis to heartburn
[13:10] Jarred: @Joel when did you start and can you tell us a little more about it?
[13:10] Jarred: wow thats great
[13:10] Bido: Today’s special guest is Joel Ohman of
[13:11] Joel Ohman: is a fairly recent site that was developed by my partner John and I
[13:11] Friend: Joel Ohman, You mentioned two domain portfolio companies you have ownership in. Do these companies strictly buy domains, develop domains, sell domains, flip domains, or just sit on them for long term investment?
[13:11] Joel Ohman: the really cool thing about is that a lot of the domain finding tools use real time data from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, etc to help find domains
[13:12] Bido: Yes, @Joel what is your domain strategy, and are you more of a buyer, seller, or holder of domains?
[13:12] Joel Ohman: the 2 domain portfolio companies I own buy domains in order to develop them
[13:12] Joel Ohman: so monetization and cash flow is what we are all about
[13:12] Joel Ohman: of course, although selling is not a goal – everyone has a price no matter what they say
[13:13] Friend: Is that price usually market value or much higher? Also do you base your sale prices off revenue?
[13:13] Jarred: what type of domains do you actively seek to acquire?
[13:14] Joel Ohman: in light of today’s auction with the geo domain I also wanted to point out quick that we just released a new tool at that is a Google Maps mashup that will find geo domain names
[13:14] Jarred: that sounds fantastic
[13:14] Joel Ohman: we don’t actively list domains for sale so I don’t necessarily offer a price to anyone but from time to time I am approached with offers to buy some of my established domains that are developed into websites and I will entertain offers
[13:15] Jarred: whats your typical response?
[13:15] Joel Ohman: I actively seek to acquire auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and long term care insurance exact match keyword only .com domains
[13:16] Jarred: very lucrative industries. Have you been able to pick up some deals now with the state of the economy?
[13:16] Joel Ohman: my typical response is to first get them to make a solid offer because a lot of the time it will be people that aren’t maybe qualified or serious enough in the first place
[13:16] Joel Ohman: absolutely, I firmly believe that now is a fantastic time to pick up domains for very cheap that can be monetized quickly
[13:17] Jarred: you mean you wont accept $5? j/k
[13:17] Joel Ohman: maybe not flipped quickly but i you know what you are doing as far as monetizing a domain name then you can have a lot of success
[13:17] Jarred: do you have some strategy to make it easy for people who are interested in buying your domains to locate and contact you?
[13:17] Joel Ohman: that is kind of the goal behind some of our new website development tutorial videos for premium members at
[13:18] Jarred: Joel approx how many domains do you have in your portfolio?
[13:18] Joel Ohman: most of my domains are built out and developed into functioning websites so I don’t like to have a specific area for people who are interested in buying the domain but of course there is a functioning contact form on each site
[13:19] Joel Ohman: I have around a thousand domains in total
[13:19] Jarred: thats great, do you also use whois as a tool to find buyers?
[13:19] Jarred: some companies are marketing their domains in the whois output, how do you feel about that, is it a good strategy?
[13:19] Joel Ohman: I never look for buyers as my main goal is not to sell a website but rather to buy a website that I think I can monetize
[13:20] Joel Ohman: marketing your domain via your who is records is not a bad idea,
[13:20] Jarred: very good strategy
[13:20] Joel Ohman: I have seen that done and it is probably worth the effort if selling the domain is your goal
[13:21] Jarred: @Joel why should someone join DomainSuperstar?
[13:21] Joel Ohman: all of our tools are free but premium members have access to all of the premium features for each of the tools as well as access to all premium content like the website tutorial videos I mentioned earlier
[13:22] Jarred: Jeff1, AlmightyNinja, SAnon, hi
[13:22] Jarred: Carter, AlexIn, gentlesavage, hello
[13:22] Jarred: cvm3654, Ty_, DomainBits, welcome back
[13:22] Joel Ohman: for example, one of our very popular tools is the type in traffic finder that uses real time data from the Google Keyword Tool to find exact match keyword domain names
[13:22] Jarred: Friend, theoretical, tldagent, hello
[13:22] Jarred: Art, protuberance, Sahar, hi :)
[13:22] Carter: Hi Jarred :)
[13:23] Joel Ohman: free members get access to search for .com’s on a limited basis while premium members get unlimited access and also the ability to search for additional tld’s
[13:23] theoretical: what kind of numbers do you like to see before you hand reg a name?
[13:23] Art: hello
[13:24] Joel Ohman: it all depends on the niche of the domain but generally speaking I like to see at a bare minimum a CPC of at least $1 and average exact match searches of at least 500
[13:24] Jarred: so the output of the tool makes it easy to spot a gem?
[13:24] Joel Ohman: even then I pass on A LOT
[13:24] Jarred: do you feel that domain tasting has made it harder to mine nowadays?
[13:25] Joel Ohman: yes, with the type in traffic finder if you type in say “home loans” then it will return all of the related keywords from the Google tool and then check the availability of the domains for all of those related keywords
[13:26] Joel Ohman: so what I like to do is start out broad and then go more narrow by re-seeding the tool with some of the more specific related keywords
[13:26] Joel Ohman: the cool thing is that the tool will ONLY return domain names that match exactly to keywords with montly search traffic in Google
[13:26] Jarred: and you have tutorials on the site that show you what to do, correct?
[13:26] Joel Ohman: yes, we have written tutorials and video tutorials as well
[13:26] Bido: Today’s special guest is Joel Ohman of
[13:27] Jarred: do you feel that domain tasting has made it harder to mine nowadays?
[13:27] Joel Ohman: as for the domain tasting question I don’t necessarily think that domain tasting has made it harder to find great domains
[13:28] theoretical: Do you ever reg dashes? What kind of things would make you go with a dash?
[13:28] Jarred: so some fish were perhaps caught and thrown back? or just overlooked?
[13:28] Joel Ohman: just the other day someone was complaining in a forum about not being able to find a good keyword domain related to “web templates” or “web design” or something and so I plugged one of those terms into the type in traffic finder and I think it returned like 55 or so available domains available to hand register – and every one of them were exact matches to keywords with searches in Google every month
[13:29] Joel Ohman: I am not a big fan of dashed domains unless I own the non dashed version as well
[13:29] Jarred: not many current events and breaking news type domains in insurance industries as compared with new technology type domains
[13:29] Joel Ohman: I just hate the idea of losing repeat traffic to the non dashed version
[13:29] Joel Ohman: (or people thinking that I couldn’t afford to purchased the “best” domain – i.e. the non dashed version”
[13:29] Joel Ohman: )
[13:30] Jarred: true, those repeat visitors will be hard pressed to find you again
[13:30] DomainBits: Do you buy cctlds?
[13:30] Jarred: they may find you the first time in a search engine but the second time they might try and look for you and find some other site
[13:31] Joel Ohman: so for example, if your business is called Bob’s Plumbing and you register people will most likely return to and/or maybe even wonder if you are the “real” Bob’s Plumbing since you didn’t register the non dashed version
[13:31] Joel Ohman: *
[13:31] Jarred: maybe by then they have their insurance policy though so repeat visitors might not be as important as with other industries such as medical
[13:32] Joel Ohman: I definitely see value in certain cctlds although I personally do not buy them currently
[13:32] Joel Ohman: true – certain niches are different than others
[13:32] Jarred: Joel do you have direct deals with advertisers, or how else do you monetize your sites?
[13:32] Joel Ohman: I have some direct deals
[13:32] Jarred: so you cut out a middleman or did you not ever deal with one?
[13:32] PrivyDomain: Hi Joel
[13:32] Joel Ohman: hello
[13:33] Joel Ohman: my last resort for monetization is Google Adsense
[13:33] PrivyDomain: I have used your tool several time & found it quite nice & user friendly
[13:33] Joel Ohman: thanks!
[13:33] Jarred: perhaps coming from the financial sector you have some good connections there I would presume
[13:33] Joel Ohman: yes
[13:33] PrivyDomain: but some point i have to add
[13:33] Jarred: fantastic
[13:33] Ross: what up
[13:33] Jarred: @Joel what do you think is the state of the domain market today?
[13:34] Jarred: hi Ross
[13:34] PrivyDomain: the searches shown in there are not exact ” ” searches
[13:34] Ross: Jarred, lol i though you said human market
[13:34] PrivyDomain: it would be better if they are provided instead of broad
[13:34] Ross: thought*
[13:35] Joel Ohman: yes, the searches are broad match because the Google API does not currently allow exact match data to be accessed via its API
[13:35] Ty_: @Joel, how accurate do you think that the various metrics and figures are in predicting real world behaviours?
[13:35] PrivyDomain: ok
[13:35] Jarred: Ross, seeing double today :P
[13:35] Joel Ohman: broad match is still a great indicator but then when you go to buy I like to double check the exact data
[13:35] PrivyDomain: thats it
[13:35] Jarred: no slavery here @Bido
[13:36] Joel Ohman: so I will use the tool to find some potentially good domains and then right before I make the buying decision I check the exact match data and the CPC
[13:36] PrivyDomain: i have to again cross check with google keyword
[13:36] PrivyDomain: same
[13:36] Jarred: Joel are there other data repositories you plan to tap into there at DomainSuperstar?
[13:36] Ross: .99cent coupon at godaddy today – 99BUYCOM
[13:37] Jarred: trellian, wordtracker…
[13:37] Jarred: thanks Ross
[13:38] Joel Ohman: @Ty_ I think that some of the metrics like avg searches, CPC, and other similar data is a great place to start but if you have a true understanding of your niche and what people really want then that can make the different between just having an average performing domain and a truly great performing domain
[13:38] Ross: Joel Ohman, you can find a domain with little to no search but with huge PPC that a company will pay a premium for ;)
[13:39] Jarred: Joel how do you host your sites you develop?
[13:39] Joel Ohman: @Jarred We really love the data from Google as opposed to Wordtracker just because we think that it is better all around although we do use data from MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, Compete, and some other proprietary data that we have obtained
[13:39] Jarred: Ross Joel said he holds, tries to not sell, just monetize when he can
[13:39] Jarred: proprietary is good, bravo
[13:39] Joel Ohman: we have a proprietary spider that searches throughout the web and then seeds in keywords into the Google tool via their API and returns exact match keyword domain names
[13:39] Ross: Jarred, ;) i was just simply pointing out that a domain with no traffic can be sold for a premium price
[13:39] PrivyDomain: Jarred i’m thinking of submitting some good domains for Bido. How many days do you take to confirm the submission & how many domains can one submit at one time?
[13:40] Ross: Joel Ohman, wordtracker on your tools would be amazing btw
[13:40] Joel Ohman: free members can view all of those domain names from the spider plus domain found from other type in traffic users at the keyword domain repository
[13:40] Jarred: Ten at a time and it takes 24-48 hours to get an approval notice if any were selected
[13:40] Joel Ohman: premium members get instant access while free members don’t see domains for the first 24 hrs
[13:41] Jarred: so there’s a delay, more incentive for someone to be a premium member
[13:41] Ross: .
[13:41] Jarred: how much does that cost?
[13:41] Joel Ohman: @Ross Yes, sometimes it is very interesting to see a domain with huge PPC and somewhat small avg search traffic go for a pretty high price
[13:42] Joel Ohman: premium membership is $97/month full price but it is currently at a discounted rate of $47/month
[13:42] Joel Ohman: the price will increase to $77/month on 5/1 though
[13:42] Jarred: how long is that offer good for?
[13:42] Jarred: ok
[13:42] Ty_: Joel, do you think that these metrics are accurate in defining a domain’s value?
[13:42] Joel Ohman: all current members never receive a price increase though
[13:42] Ross: Joel Ohman, there is a technique to selling those types of domains ;)
[13:42] Joel Ohman: so you can lock in the lower price for lifetime
[13:42] theoretical: Can you talk about your research/development process a bit more once you find a good keyword name in order to get the most out of it?
[13:43] Joel Ohman: @Ty_ I think that those metrics are just a start – there are a ton of things that are sometimes hard to be quantified that still need to be considered – one example is buyer intent
[13:44] Ty_: And that elusive “Wow” factor too I guess
[13:44] Jarred: @Joel do you ever joint venture with others?
[13:44] Joel Ohman: @theoretical I like to use data from the Google keyword tool, the Wordtracker keyword suggestions tool, and some other sources to “Mind Map” out my site architecture for a new domain
[13:45] Joel Ohman: I also really like to use WordPress as a backend if I can just because I love the automatic scheduling feature
[13:45] Joel Ohman: although most of my sites are not WP
[13:45] Jarred: DomainSuperstar seems as if it is, at least the outside shell
[13:45] Joel Ohman: @Jarred I do consider joint ventures – in fact 3 of the 4 companies I own I own with other partners so yes, I am open to that idea
[13:46] Jarred: thats great, what advice do you have for people as far as that goes?
[13:46] Jarred: WP is great
[13:47] Joel Ohman: find people that complement your abilites – for example, with I am the guy that thinks up all of the tools and figures out how they could be done and then my partner John is the coding genius who actually makes it all happen and puts my ideas into reality
[13:47] Jarred: @Joel do you offer direct internet marketing coaching aside from the tools and tutorials on
[13:48] Joel Ohman: we offer the video tutorial videos so that people can “look over my shoulder” as I develop a domain etc but no direct consultation
[13:48] Joel Ohman: although of course we answer questions and interact with our members
[13:49] Joel Ohman: but nothing paid outside of the premium membership
[13:49] Jarred: gotcha… thats great, too
[13:49] Jarred: @Joel what else is in store for you and your company in the future?
[13:51] Jarred: and Joel, what do you think of
[13:51] Joel Ohman: we plan to release one new tool every month – we just recently released the geo domain name finder tool which is the Google Maps mashup I mentioned earlier, we just released the bulk keyword domain name checker where you can upload or paste in a list of keywords that you have and the tool will check the availability of all of the exact match domain names, and we also just released a dictionary domain name tool with a ton of dictionary domains available to hand register
[13:51] Jarred: one per month, thats a fair schedule, gives you time to create and test
[13:52] Jarred: have you taken suggestions of the members and made any a reality for them?
[13:52] Joel Ohman: there are so many great deals to be found via hand registration that you a premium membership can literally pay for itself in under an hour if you really dig deep with the tools
[13:53] Joel Ohman: yes, one great suggestion we got from our members was to allow additional tld’s to the type in traffic finder which we have done
[13:53] Joel Ohman: we custom code things for our members as well
[13:53] Joel Ohman: if they want a feature in a tool or a new tool then we can most likely code it
[13:53] Joel Ohman: by “we” I mean John :)
[13:54] Jarred: Sounds great, we like services that actually listen to their members ;)
[13:54] Jarred: What do you think of
[13:55] Ross: Joel Ohman, type in traffic finder is top notch. One of the best tools around IMO
[13:55] Joel Ohman: I think that is an ok domain for a domainer and I say ok just because there are so many other great geo domain names out there
[13:55] Joel Ohman: @Ross thanks!
[13:55] DotSauce: hey Guys
[13:55] Jarred: so many places, so little domains
[13:55] Jarred: DotSauce, welcome
[13:55] DotSauce: Where is KnoxLanding? Sorry didn’t do my homework
[13:56] Jarred: click description tab
[13:56] Joel Ohman: IMO I would rather use our geo domain finder tool or even better our bulk keyword domain name finder and keep pasting or uploading a list of all of the largest US cities until I found some available
[13:56] DotSauce: oh i see, multiple places.. nice
[13:56] Bido: 4 minutes to go
[13:56] Jarred: yea, big potential
[13:56] Ross: Joel Ohman, havnt looked for any domains for a bit but i did mention your site and tools in my up and coming 7 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer challenge on my blog
[13:57] Joel Ohman: does have some potential value to an end user though
[13:57] Jarred: thousands of potential users, many people live in a knox landing
[13:57] Joel Ohman: @Ross awesome thanks! Shoot me a link to that if you don’t mind
[13:57] Jarred: always nice to make the news Joel :)
[13:57] Ross: Joel Ohman, i believe it is in the 4th or 5th day but will be launching the whole thing on monday
[13:58] Joel Ohman: if you are a domainer who has a strategy of buying and flipping and don’t mind being proactive about contacting end users then would make a very solid choice
[13:58] Bido: Today’s special guest is Joel Ohman of
[13:59] Jarred: @Joel how may the viewers get in contact with you?
[13:59] Jarred: < 1 minute to go
[13:59] Joel Ohman: or
[13:59] Jarred: 5 mins
[14:00] Jarred: was just about to congratulate someone on a great score
[14:01] Jarred: @Joel what internet or domain events are you next attending?
[14:01] Joel Ohman: I don’t have any on my schedule at the moment
[14:02] Jarred: By the way we have a winner of the free ticket to announce
[14:02] Joel Ohman: I am somewhat of a recluse – I like to stay in my office in front of my 3 30″ monitors :)
[14:02] Jarred: we ran a contest yesterday for a free ticket to the Targeted Traffic tradeshow
[14:02] Sahar: free ticket? something I don’t know about.. fill me in !
[14:02] Joel Ohman: although I do plan on attending some in the future potentially
[14:02] Ross: Jarred, who won that by the way?
[14:02] Joel Ohman: Targeted Traffic would be awesome
[14:02] Sahar: Jarred, who participated?
[14:02] Jarred: Michael Bahlitzanakis – BPHG Media
[14:02] Sahar: i didnt get the memo lol
[14:02] Jarred: congrats Michael
[14:02] Recordweb: I never win anything :>
[14:03] Sahar: Recordweb, me neither
[14:03] Ross: lol i think i am on that boat as well
[14:03] Jarred: a $1,995.00 value
[14:03] Sahar: not fair
[14:03] Jarred: there will be more contests everyone
[14:03] Sahar: re run the contest!
[14:03] Recordweb: I can imagine getting a plane ticket from NJ right now to the show. Probably have to pay $1000 LOL
[14:03] Jarred: fat lady left the building
[14:04] DomainsIreland: 5 mins
[14:04] Recordweb: god, I hate proxy bids LOL
[14:04] Jarred: bid to win
[14:05] Jarred: pop it
[14:05] Recordweb: I’m going to suggest 2 minute extensions
[14:05] Jarred: 5 too fatiguing?
[14:06] Jarred: bid to win early on and there wont be any :)
[14:06] Jarred: well thats not entirely true, people can always stab away at it
[14:06] Jarred: nice little run here at the end though
[14:07] Jarred: @Joel who do you consider an inspirational figure?
[14:08] Joel Ohman: in the domaining space I consider anyone that purchased domains years and years ago when domaining was not really publicized or popular and inspirational figure and then personally I consider my old youth pastor in PA Pastor Crews very inspirational and someone that I admire and look up to
[14:08] Recordweb: I always wished Ebay would allow 2 minute over bids. No more sniping.
[14:09] theoretical: it actually makes it fun to bid it up, but I don’t think ebay cares
[14:11] theoretical: but yeah, two or three minutes should be all that’s needed
[14:11] Jarred: Congrats owntech
[14:11] Jarred: $162 final
[14:11] Owentech: Thanks.
[14:12] Jarred: nice bidding war there at the end, you took it home though
[14:12] Joel Ohman: congrats Owentech and thank you very much for having me today Bido
[14:13] Jarred: Thanks Joel, it was nice to have you as our special guest
[14:13] Jarred: I encourage everyone to check out
[14:15] tldagent: Great site, thank you Joel
[14:15] tldagent: thank you Jarred
[14:18] Owentech: @Jarred – Well, I was a bit worried, but it worked out at the end…
[14:19] Owentech: @Joel – it was a good discussion.
[14:20] Owentech: I may even want to place a site in the near future… now I must figure out how to “get” the domain to use.

Do you have any comments to add? Add your comment below and then head on over to our dashboard to get started using our tools! (Remember to sign up for premium membership to lock in the discounted price of $47/month before it increases to $77/month on May 1st).

Type In Traffic Questions

We recently received a series of questions related to type in traffic by a visitor to our site and I thought that they were great questions so after replying to his questions in an email I decided to include the transcript of our email exchange as it may be useful for anyone else that has had these type in traffic questions. Here it is:

Message from our contact form:

I just visited your site for the 1st time. I am very intriged by the type-in domain name idea. I think this idea may work for me for either by redirecting the name or with mini sites (depending on the specifics).

Three Questions:
1) Do you have any information about how much of this type-in traffic actually takes place. Is there any way of finding the amount of this traffic for a particular term?

2) If I have a type-in domain name redirected to my main name, is there a way to track the traffic that comes via the that name. I use Google Analytics. I can see how to do this if I have a mini site, but not sure how with a redirect.

3) If I set up a mini site with a type-in name do you have any wisdom on how much of a boost I would get from a type-in domain name in the SERPS vs a page url with the same terms?

My Response:


1) It is estimated that as much as 10-15% of all Internet traffic is type-in traffic (Link)

2) It depends on the type of redirect that you use (Link)

3) I have first hand experience as well as experience from many other SEO’s that having a domain name that matches exactly to a keyword phrase will definitely give a very large boost to rankings. I have ranked sites almost immediately for competitive keyword phrases within weeks of putting up a site on a domain that matches exactly to the keyword or keyword phrase (I wrote this guest post for SEO Moz recently: Link and there is also this article from SEO Book among many others: Link)

Hope that this helps and we would encourage you to sign up for premium membership to enjoy full access to all of our tools as well as access to our website development tutorial videos. – Joel

PS Our premium membership is discounted from the full price of $97/month to $47/month right now but on 5/1 the price increased to $77/month so if you are contemplating joining then be sure and join before 5/1 to lock in the lower price for lifetime.


2nd Message (I have changed the details of his search terms to protect any domains that he may want to purchase that he found using the type in traffic tool – although keep in mind that all domain names found using the type in traffic finder tool go into the keyword domain repository and are available immediately for premium members to look through):


Thanks for your quick response. This may very well help with a problem I am
trying to solve.

I have a couple of follow-on questions

1) I noticed that the 10-15% type-in traffic was from an old source and
several of the comments predicted a decline. Do you have any feel how this
has changed since the date of the article?

2)About Exact match. Example: I am looking at a domain name for a common FAQ for my product.
At the moment I have a page on my site targeted at the FAQ “How to do a
***.” I have tried several page names, titles, etc. The highest
I have ever been able to rank is #17 when I use How to “conduct” a
***. The rest of the time I do not even show on the 1st 10
The type-in tool shows several different ways this FAQ is searched,

***.com (720) is taken (somebody is trying to
sell it for several grand).
***.com (5400) is taken (it is not currently active)
***.com (4400) is available
***.com (1300) is available

If I build a quality mini-site on ***.com:

a) What would happen to the type-in traffic for the other three terms?

b) Would it be considered an “exact match” for the other three in the SERPs? If not “exact match,” what?

Again, Thanks

P.S. I have playing with several of your tools, they look very useful.

My 2nd Response:


1) The 10-15% number is probably pretty conservative in my opinion. There are a few other places that back this up (Link)

2) Chances are you can still rank the existing page in question it is just that you will need a lot of backlinks with the right anchor text pointing to that page.

a) Many people buy more than one domain (myself included) and then redirect all of the secondary domains to the primary domain. i.e If you ever bought ***.com then you could buy all of the others and redirect them to your main site. Keep in mind that I only advise doing this for domain names that have the exact same target keyword.

b) No. If a domain contains only the keyword and nothing else than it is an exact match keyword domain name. If it contains the keyword exactly and something else then it is keyword rich. If it contains a variation of the keyword then it is not a keyword domain (at least as far as that particular target keyword phrase is concerned).

Keep in mind that those numbers in the type in traffic tool come directly from the Google Adwords Keyword tool and represent the number of times that that particular phrase is searched on average every month. Those numbers do not reflect exact type in traffic numbers of course as there is no easy way to estimate actual type in traffic numbers apart from realizing that the larger the number of monthly searches and the shorter the keyword/keyword phrase then the higher the type in traffic number tends to be.

Hope that this helps! – Joel

Hopefully the above email correspondence was helpful. What questions do you have about type in traffic? Have you used our tool for finding type in traffic? To receive full access to our type in traffic tool and all of our other tools then be sure and sign up for premium membership!

How Got My Link

A couple of days ago Art from contacted me to see if I would be interested in being the guest speaker for their live chat that takes places during today’s live auction of the domain name

Art took the time to email me a few times and then followed up with a phone call this morning to confirm that I was attending. He was also smart enough to ask me to put up a blog post and link to Bido which I have done.

All that to say that simply by asking Bido got a link that they might not have otherwise gotten. Two things to keep in mind from this exchange is:

1. Look to people you naturally associate with for links (could be customers, clients, partners, friends, and other people that you may have offline relationships with).

2. Don’t be afraid to ask (Art took the time to email me personally a few times and then he made sure to follow up by phone making it much more likely that I would do what he asks).

All in all, great job Bido and I look forward to chatting in the chat room today at from 1-2 PM EST. If you have any questions for me then head on over there and jump on the live chat. I will answer almost any question you have but here are some of the questions that Art provided that may be asked:

When did you start domaining?
How did you get into domaining?
What is your background?
What is your favorite domain?
Which domain would you buy if you had no financial constraint?
What was your best purchase?
What are some examples of your most recent purchases or hand registrations?
What is your favorite domain registration company?
What was your last sale?
What is your domain strategy?
Are you more of a buyer, seller, or holder of domains?
What type of domains do you actively seek to acquire?
How many domains do you have in your portfolio?
What do you think is the state of the domain market today?
Where to you see the domain name industry going over the next few years?
What do you hate about domains?
What do you love about domains?
What are some projects you are working on at the moment?
What are your favorite auction sites?
Who do you consider an inspirational figure?
Do you think most people have what it takes to be successful with domain names?
What internet or domain events are you next attending?
Why should I join x?
What are some of the domains you own?
Do you ever joint venture with others?
Do you offer internet marketing coaching?
So when did you start service x?
Tell us a bit more about service x.
What else is in store for you and your company in the future?
How may the viewers get in contact with you?

After you check out the live chat at Bido then be sure and select a domain name tool from our home page and get started finding some great domain names for yourself!

Domain Capital Review – My Experience Getting Domain Name Financing

What do you do when you come across a steal of a premium domain name but you don’t have the funds available to purchase the domain name outright for cash? One option available to many domainers, webmasters, and business owners is to use a domain name financier like Domain Capital LLC.

I recently obtained a domain name loan from Domain Capital and thought that sharing a few things about my experience in the way of a Domain Capital review might be helpful for anyone that is considering domain name financing.

Vince Harasymiak from Domain Capital was the person who assisted me throughout the entire process and I can honestly say that he was an absolutely great help. I was on somewhat of a tight schedule because the 29 premium domain names that I was trying to buy were all being sold in an open auction at GoDaddy and I was under a time constraint to be able to purchase the domain names via the buy now option before the time was up.

Vince had me fill out the standard required paperwork that is required by Domain Capital (financial documentation, desired domain names, non-disclosure agreement [I have already double checked with Vince to make sure that it was acceptable for me to write this post as long as I do not give away any real specifics), etc.). I emailed the paperwork back to Vince and had a decision in less than a day.

A few things that I really loved about working with Domain Capital was that Vince was available by email or by phone pretty much whenever I had a question, the financing approval was extremely quick, and they offered an automatic draft option for my monthly domain name loan payments.

All in all, I would definitely recommend working with Domain Capital LLC if you are considering financing the purchase of a premium domain name that has a purchase price of $10,000 or more (Domain Capital specializes in financing for premium domain names that generally cost over $10,000 – if you are looking for a short term domain name loan for a domain name that costs less than $10,000 then you may want to check out Rick Latona’s DigiPawn).

Do you have any domain name financing stories? Who would you recommend for a domain name loan?

Ideas for Choosing Domain Names When You Have “Domain Name Block”

Do you ever have one of those days (weeks, months…) when you feel like you are just sapped of all creativity and you can’t really get any good ideas for finding profitable domain names?

I know that I have. It’s often the easiest part of the domaining process to find good domain names once you have a niche already selected. You can plug in keywords into our type in traffic tool to get back a bunch of related keyword domain names or you can bulk upload an entire list of keywords into our bulk keyword domain checker (currently available via our beta dashboard) and return a list of available domain names that are exact matches to those keywords but the hardest part is often finding a niche in the first place.

Here is a list of some different resources that you can use to get your creative juices flowing and bust out of your “domain name block”:

Google Trends – Check out the “Today’s Hot Trends” for trends across your country that are rising in popularity.

NicheADay – Niche A Day is a free service that will send you out an email once a day with a new niche and attached to the email will be a zip file of keywords related to that niche along with their average monthly searches (great for uploading into our bulk keyword domain checker that I mentioned earlier).

Google Analytics – Google Analytics (or really any website tracking software) can help you if you use data from the keywords that people have typed in to arrive at your site. This kind of keyword data can be very valuable when looking for new niches or domains to purchase within niches that maybe you are already in.

There is my list of resources to get the creative juices flowing when trying to find domain names and new niches for domain names. What are yours?

How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Profit

If you want to learn how to buy and sell domain names for profit then you have come to the right place. Just like real estate investing and “house flipping” domain name investing and “domain flipping” has great income potential if done the right way.

Of course, just like almost anything in life, hard work is still required but if you have the necessary know how and are willing to put some time and some sweat equity into it then you very well might make quite a nice sum of money buying and selling domain names.

Use our tools for finding great domain names, do your homework to learn how to choose a domain name, and then see if you can buy and sell domains for a profit!

Finding Valuable Domain Names

A domain name is only worth what someone will pay for it. This sounds very obvious but before you haphazardly start buying domain names left and right hoping to strike it rich it is absolutely crucial that you first understand what makes a domain name valuable.

Once you have read our 25 rules for choosing a domain name in our how to choose a domain name guide then you will hopefully have at least a beginners grasp of what makes a domain name valuable. If you can find domain names that meet most or all of these 25 criteria for evaluating a domain name’s worth then you will likely have a better grasp on domain name valuation than many other webmasters and small business owners out there.

One of the most important things for establishing the value of a domain name is if the domain is an exact match to a generic keyword. You have no doubt read the reports online about super premium domain names like,, and others being sold for millions of dollars. While you may not have the budget to buy a domain name of that caliber you can certainly still find other quality generic keyword domain names for much cheaper and sell them for a profit.

Tools like our type in traffic finder and our repository of keyword domain names are both extremely valuable tools that use real time keyword data from Google to help find available keyword domain names.

Selling Domain Names

Once you have found a domain name then the goal is of course to either monetize the domain name and let it produce income for you or to sell it for a profit. Here are 3 things that you can do to sell your domain names:

1. Auction – Use a domain name auction like GoDaddy or Sedo to list your domain names for sale. These auctions have a huge audience of people actively looking to buy and sell domain names and if you price your domain competitively then you will likely sell it very quickly. Both auctions have a number of different ways to list your domain for sale including buy now, no reserve auction, reserve auction, buy now with a reserve auction, etc.

2. End User – Marketing to an end user directly means that you actively seek out people/companies that you think will be interested in purchasing your domain name and try to get them to buy the domain. An example of this would be if you used our geo domain tool to find a gegraphic domain name such as and then tried to find real estate professionals in Chicago interesting in buying the domain name. One benefit to selling a domain name to an end user is that usually you will be able to obtain a much higher price than if you were to sell it to a domain investor.

3. Private Listing – It is quite common to see domainers and professional domain name investors have a website showcasing their domain name portfolio and the price to buy each of them.

Get Started!

Domain Superstar premium members receive full access to our domain name tools and our website development tutorial videos.

These tools and information can easily pay for itself many times over with even just the sale of one or two great domain names a month.

To get started finding the best available domain names then sign up to become a Domain Superstar premium member now!

Linkin Park, Kevin Rose, and Timothy Ferris on Choosing Domain Names

I just finished watching a great video from one of my favorite blogs that is not necessarily related to domaining, SEO, or Internet marketing: The Four Hour Workweek.

The video is an informal conversation between Timothy Ferris (the author of Four Hour Workweek – highly recommended) and Kevin Rose (founder of and has a lot of really good stuff related to naming companies, choosing domain names, and angel investing.

One of the nuggets from the video is when Timothy Ferris mentions that the driving reason between Linkin Park choosing the irregular spelling for their name (“Linkin” instead of “Lincoln”) is that the domain name was available to register while they were unable to acquire the domain name

It is great to see that the band had the savvy to factor in domain name availability and the importance of having a .com domain when they were choosing their band name.

Check out the video HERE and then get started finding some great domain names with our tools today!

3 Month Plan for Building Traffic to a New Website

Here is my down and dirty 3 month plan for building traffic to a new website. Of course, these are just general things as every niche will be different and you will want to devote more time to certain websites than to others but generally speaking here is a great action plan for building traffic to a new website.

Day 1

Register a great domain name using tools like our type in traffic finder, dictionary domain name finder, geo domain name finder, etc. etc. (Shameless plug yes – unimportant definitely not. Understanding how to choose a good domain name is a crucial first step to success).

Day 2

After the nameservers resolve and you have set up your hosting account then your goal is to put up some nice meaty, on topic, original content on the home page and on 3-5 additional pages of your site.

I like to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do my research. Typically I will try and map out the site architecture from the very beginning and maybe even plot out a publishing schedule. Break the site up like this: long article focused on the main site keyword for the home page and then build the main navigation menu using related keywords from the Google tool and place a fairly long article on each of these menu sub theme pages.

Pay particular attention to making sure that these 5 or so pages of content (excluding your privacy page, site map, XML site map pages, etc, of course) are very high quality well written articles that you would have no problem showing a “real person” and asking them to link to.

Day 3-15

The goal for the first 2 weeks is to try and participate in the community that your site is in.

This means leaving well thought out comments (making sure to include your site URL) on blogs in your niche, posting on forums in your niche, and contacting webmasters to try to establish a presence in the community and introduce yourself and your site.

Set up Google Alerts for your site’s main keywords so that you can participate in blogs that are related to your site’s main keywords.

Work though a list of “DoFollow” forums and use the site Comment Hunt to find good sources for links that do not have the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

The main priority is to start to slowly build up lower quality backlinks (you do not want to make the mistake of creating an unnatural linkbuilding profile by acquiring too many high PR links right away as that may appear manufactured in the eyes of the search engines) and perhaps more importantly start building some traffic from referring links on other sites.

Day 16-30

In addition to your continued participation in the community you now want to start to add more content to your site. Aim for one new article every other day at a minimum for these 2 weeks. Be sure and structure your internal linking structure to achieve maximum benefit by using anchor text wisely.

Day 31-60

In addition to all of the above it is now time to start writing unique content and publishing it not only to your site but also to other sites. Start off publishing articles to article directories like and then begin to use some of your newly acquired webmaster contacts that you hopefully gained by participating in the community of your site’s niche to offer to write guest articles and guest posts for that include a link back to your site.

Day 61-90

In addition to all of the above it is now time to think about some creative ways that you can start to attract some high quality links. Widgets, tools, high quality reports, controversial content, and other similar types of interesting and valuable content are all things that can attract both quality and quantity of links if done properly.

Get Started!

There you have it. This is of course an overly simplistic view of just very basic things that one can do to build traffic for a new website but I think this rough outline is certainly helpful because if you are like me then it helps to have some sort of goal to shoot for. What are some things that you would add to the 3 month plan?

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