Did Wesabe Lose to Mint Because of a Horrible Domain Name?

The CEO of the now defunct personal finance website Wesabe.com posted a great article detailing some of the reasons why he believes that Wesabe lost out to Mint.com and caused Wesabe to fold all while Mint.com was recently acquired by Intuit for $170 million. You can read former Wesabe CEO Mark Hedlund’s post here but one thing I really wanted to touch on via the comments of the Hacker news discussion thread was this comment about the Wesabe.com domain name versus the Mint.com domain name:

I think if the names are flipped – if your company was named mint.com, theirs wesabe.com, then quite possibly you win.”

Wow! Not really sure I agree with that (even though I do absolutely detest the Wesabe.com domain name and always have from the first moment I saw it – AND I love the Mint.com domain name) but definitely some food for thought. What do YOU think?

New Tool: Typo Domain Finder

Typo Domain FinderAlong with our Twitter Trending Topics tool, we’ve also released our Typo Domain Finder tool. This tool checks the availability of common typos for a given domain name. The typos can be checked against a variety of different TLDs.

This tool is useful both for people looking to capitalize on type-in traffic by having a domain spelled similarly to a high-traffic domain and for people just looking to grab common typos for a domain name they already own.

We currently calculate typos using a variety of rules including:

  • Missing Vowels
  • Transposed Vowels
  • Forgetting to double consonents
  • Forgetting the last letter

Feel free to let us know if there are some other kinds of typos or options you’d like to see included in the tool. Try out the Typo Domain Finder today!

New Tool Announcement: Twitter Trending Topic Domain Finder

Twitter Home PageWe’ve just released a new tool that we’re calling the Twitter Trending Topic Domains Tool (a mouthful, I know).  This tool grabs the current trending topics on Twitter, then checks the availability of domains matching the Twitter trending topics .

Our tool looks at the trending topics in real time, and since Twitter is constantly updating their trending topics, it keeps the list of domains pretty fresh.

Check out the Twitter Trending Topic Domains tool today and let us know what you think!

How the Right Domain Name Helps with Link Building

Chuck Norris Badge CredibilityOne of the core skill sets for any Internet marketer who call themselves an “SEO” is of course link building. Domain names can play an important part in any link building campaign. There are lots of different ways to build links to a newly developed website but one truth that I have long suspected and am learning to be true more and more is this fundamental concept:


What do I mean by this?

Well, chances are that whether you have one website or hundreds of websites then you get an enormous amount of spam email from other webmasters and linkbuilders asking you to link to their website. You most likely delete every single email the moment after you scan over it for one reason: you have no incentive to link to them (and you have no incentive to even see what they might be able to offer you because they come across as not very credible).

Now there are many different things that you can do when you craft your pitch to other webmasters to build links but in all honesty unsolicited emails attempting to get links rarely work anymore as even the most novice webmasters now understand the value of a link (and thus are not willing to give them out as freely as they once might have).

This is not a link building tutorial as there are many other good ones out there that will tell you that these types of unsolicited emails begging for links are rarely a good idea BUT if you are going to craft a pitch to a potential link source then whether you are using a service like helpareporter.com or prleads.com (both great places to pitch to potential high quality link sources) or you are doing your run of the mill contact form spamming (usually NOT a great idea) one key thing that you will need in order to even get your foot in the door (i.e. cause your target to actually read over your email and give it some thought rather than just deleting it sight unseen) is credibility.

Here are some ways that you can look more credible in the eyes of your link target:

  1. Domain Name – This is mentioned in the title of the post because this one is so important. Even if you get everything else on the list wrong then having an awesome domain name for your website can get some people to assign a level of credibility to you that you wouldn’t see otherwise (i.e. “Hi, my name is Bob Smith and the founder of the website AutoLoans.com…” vs. “Hi, my name is Bob Smith and the founder of the website ez-autoloan-quote-ratez.info…” – come on, which one would you maybe give the benefit of the doubt to even if there are other things wrong with the pitch?)
  2. Title – It’s no secret that if you want to get great links then being seen as an expert can help. If you are building out a health website then it sure would be nice to have some kind of certification or master’s degree or doctorate in the health field that you could put in your email signature. I know for certain that me having my MBA and being a Certified Financial Planner™ certainly opens doors to me when I market my finance sites that others with my exact same pitch minus the credentials would have difficulty copying.
  3. Professionalism – It is amazing to me to see some of the partnership/link building pitches that come in via email. The lack of professionalism and just overall lack of attention to detail is amazing. Granted, many of the link building requests I receive are probably from individuals where English is not their primary language but regardless of language skills one thing is for certain and that is that overall professionalism is important across all cultures. A simple thing like having a professional email signature with full contact details can go a long way.

Choosing the right domain name for your website can have an enormous effect on your overall credibility which can either help or hurt your link building efforts. What other ways do you know of to boost credibility in the eyes of potential link targets?

Keyword Domains Available For Hand Registration

We wanted to highlight how easy it is to find keyword domains with our Keyword Domain Repository, so we thought we’d list some domains that we found in there. All of the below domains are availabe for hand-registration as of the publishing of this post

PREGNANTVIDEO.ORG 27100 exact match monthly searches
MONTMARTREPARIS.ORG 27100 exact match monthly searches
BLOODYMARYRECIPE.ORG 22200 exact match monthly searches
HEARVIDEO.COM 9900 exact match monthly searches
SHORTENINGSUBSTITUTE.COM 6600 exact match monthly searches
FACTSABOUTWILLIAMSHAKESPEARE.COM 4400 exact match monthly searches
DOMPARSER.COM 1600 exact match monthly searches

Sign up today for full access to all of the domains in the Keyword Domain Repository!

Wealthy Investors Flee to Tangibles Like Art: Are Domain Names Next?

Picasso's Angel Fernandez de Soto

Picasso's Angel Fernandez de Soto (courtesy of Reuters)

In a recent Wall Street Journal describing how the ultra premium art market is benefiting from the recent downturn in the economy, Godfrey Barker points out how there seems to be a “flight to tangibles” like art by many wealthy investors. Are ultra premium domain names next?

It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that many wealthy investors could flood the premium domain name market looking for a safe haven that has many of the same characteristics as a premium piece of art.

What do you think?

Will traditional investors become more web savvy and invest in premium domain names as another alternative investment class?

Is premium art a sound comparison to a premium domain name? What are the similarities? What are the differences?

“Cherry Picked” Domain Repository


Check Out the New Domain Tools Dashboard!

If you haven’t checked out our premium suite of domain tools in the last, oh, 30 minutes or so then CLICK HERE to visit our newly redesigned domain tools dashboard with all kinds of JQUERY goodness. Many more tools are on the way so stay tuned. You can use all of the basic tool features for free but if you would like to sign up for a $10 full access 24 hour pass then sign up here!

Short Brandable Domain vs Long Keyword Domain: Which one Would You Choose?

If you had a choice between one of the two domains in the following niches below where one was a short brandable domain and the other was a long keyword domain then which domain would you choose?


Are You Building a Blog or Building a Business? (and Does it Matter?)

Blogging can be fun. Blogging can take up a lot of time. Blogging is very rarely a solid business model. Yup, I said it. Blogging is a great add on to an existing business model to stay in touch with your customers, add fresh content to your website, target some long tail keywords to rank for, etc. but if your primary aim is to build a business model where the business model begins and ends with blogging then I hope that you think a couple thousand dollars a month is the big time because that is likely all you will ever see – and that’s if you have a clue what you are doing (which you probably don’t) :).

Harsh? Maybe. For those of you that love blogging and are convinced that it is your ticket to riches then just let the above paragraph motivate you to try harder – for those of you that realize that you probably don’t have the skill or the know-how to be a tier A blogger AND you also realize that even if you have the skill and the know-how to be a tier A blogger and that most tier A bloggers don’t really make that much money then read on.

Let me clarify.

Some bloggers are bloggers in name only. What do I mean by this? Well, the really smart bloggers realize that they need to offer a product or service to actually make some real money. In short, they need to build a business.

They can either build a cool web app like my credit card finder website I mentioned in a previous Case Study Friday and tack the blog on as an addition to the main part of the site for some of the benefits mentioned above in the first paragraph or they can offer a useful service via their blogging like Johns Wu did before he sold Bankaholic.com for $15 million.

You might be tempted to think that Johns Wu was just a blogger when he sold Bankaholic.com and in some respects he was BUT, and this is an important distinction, Johns Wu was much more than just a blogger – Johns Wu was providing a useful service each and every post. He was in the business of providing close to real time in depth and personalized analysis of CD rates, mortgage rates, etc.

You might also be tempted to just say that Johns Wu happened to “choose the right niche”  in which to start a blog and you are certainly right to some extent but if you peruse the Wise Bread Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs List you will notice that there are many other bloggers in similarly potentially lucrative niches just like Wu but they are simply blogging. Many certainly offer interesting and useful posts that I and many others enjoy reading but are that many of them actually building a business and offering a high quality specialized service (or product) like Bankaholic? No.

You might have noticed that we haven’t been blogging on this Domain Superstar blog a whole lot lately. OK, not at all. :) Well, we have been working like dogs on a lot of different projects that are growing by leaps and bounds and our next big project is a complete overhaul of the Domain Superstar tools dashboard.

Our Chief Technology Manager, owner of Domain Superstar LLC, and coding ninja, John G will be promoting himself to a full time position at Domain Superstar LLC :) so in the next couple weeks we will be redesigning the dashboard and adding many new tools for finding great domain names. If you have an idea for a tool you want or a feature you want then just let us know. You ask for it – we build it (within reason :) ).

That is our reason for slowing down on the blogging. What about you? Are you building a blog or building a business?

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