How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Profit

If you want to learn how to buy and sell domain names for profit then you have come to the right place. Just like real estate investing and “house flipping” domain name investing and “domain flipping” has great income potential if done the right way.

Of course, just like almost anything in life, hard work is still required but if you have the necessary know how and are willing to put some time and some sweat equity into it then you very well might make quite a nice sum of money buying and selling domain names.

Use our tools for finding great domain names, do your homework to learn how to choose a domain name, and then see if you can buy and sell domains for a profit!

Finding Valuable Domain Names

A domain name is only worth what someone will pay for it. This sounds very obvious but before you haphazardly start buying domain names left and right hoping to strike it rich it is absolutely crucial that you first understand what makes a domain name valuable.

Once you have read our 25 rules for choosing a domain name in our how to choose a domain name guide then you will hopefully have at least a beginners grasp of what makes a domain name valuable. If you can find domain names that meet most or all of these 25 criteria for evaluating a domain name’s worth then you will likely have a better grasp on domain name valuation than many other webmasters and small business owners out there.

One of the most important things for establishing the value of a domain name is if the domain is an exact match to a generic keyword. You have no doubt read the reports online about super premium domain names like,, and others being sold for millions of dollars. While you may not have the budget to buy a domain name of that caliber you can certainly still find other quality generic keyword domain names for much cheaper and sell them for a profit.

Tools like our type in traffic finder and our repository of keyword domain names are both extremely valuable tools that use real time keyword data from Google to help find available keyword domain names.

Selling Domain Names

Once you have found a domain name then the goal is of course to either monetize the domain name and let it produce income for you or to sell it for a profit. Here are 3 things that you can do to sell your domain names:

1. Auction – Use a domain name auction like GoDaddy or Sedo to list your domain names for sale. These auctions have a huge audience of people actively looking to buy and sell domain names and if you price your domain competitively then you will likely sell it very quickly. Both auctions have a number of different ways to list your domain for sale including buy now, no reserve auction, reserve auction, buy now with a reserve auction, etc.

2. End User – Marketing to an end user directly means that you actively seek out people/companies that you think will be interested in purchasing your domain name and try to get them to buy the domain. An example of this would be if you used our geo domain tool to find a gegraphic domain name such as and then tried to find real estate professionals in Chicago interesting in buying the domain name. One benefit to selling a domain name to an end user is that usually you will be able to obtain a much higher price than if you were to sell it to a domain investor.

3. Private Listing – It is quite common to see domainers and professional domain name investors have a website showcasing their domain name portfolio and the price to buy each of them.

Get Started!

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