How to Find Money Making Domain Names

Here are 7 tips for finding money making domain names:

  1. Search Auctions – Many people are under the impression that the only way to acquire a domain name is to hand register a domain name that no one else has already registered. While tools like our instant domain name search make it easy to find valuable domain names like this to hand register the fact is that many good domain names can be bought for cheap at a domain name auction. Use our domain auction tools to search and compare key statistics for domain names available for sale at auctions like GoDaddy and SEDO.
  2. Set Alerts – Our domain name alerts allow you to set up personalized domain name alerts that will send you an email when domain names meeting criteria that you specify are found with our tools.
  3. Search Dropped Domains – Many times the owner of a very good domain name will let the registration lapse or just plain forget to renew the registration and those who are paying attention can snap up a great domain name as soon as it is available to register again. Use our dropped domain name tool, set dropped domain name alerts, and read this guide on how to catch a dropped domain to find some valuable dropped domain names.
  4. Search Domain Names About to Drop – Use our domains dropping soon tool and set domains dropping soon alerts to find domain names that are scheduled to become available to register so that you can snap up any potential money makers as soon as the domains become available to register.
  5. Look for Domains with Type in TrafficType in traffic is when a domain receives traffic from someone navigating directly to the domain name by simply typing the domain name into the URL bar in their browser without necessarily knowing the site they are about to visit. Use our type in traffic finder tool to find domain names that have type in traffic.
  6. Look for Keyword Domain Names – Keyword domain names can be extremely valuable for their SEO benefit, potential type in traffic, and perceived authority by users. Search through our database of keyword domain names to find some money making exact match keyword domain names.
  7. Look for Dictionary Domain Names – One word domain names that are found in the dictionary can be very valuable especially if they are commercial in nature. Try out our database of dictionary domain names to find some for yourself!

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