How to Flip Domain Names

If you want to learn how to flip domain names then read on because this guide will teach you all of the basics of flipping domain names and hopefully making a nice profit to boot! Once you have read this free domain name flipping tutorial then be sure and find some great domain names using our domain name finding tools!

Flipping Domain Names vs. Flipping Websites

There are two main strategies for flipping domains. The first strategy involves buying a domain name and then reselling it without first building a website or otherwise developing the domain name. The second strategy involved buying a domain name and then building a website and potentially even marketing the website and monetizing the website before attempting to sell the website for a profit.

The profit potential from flipping a website can be quite significant because many domain name buyers like to see things like a domain that has an existing website with Google rankings, pages indexed by the search engines, backlinks, etc. However, the major con to flipping a website is that you of course have to A) Possess some web development/SEO/copywriting skills and you also have to B) Be willing to put in the time and effort into developing the website and monetizing the domain name.

There can also be significant profit potential from flipping domain names without websites. The real key to buying and selling domain names for profit is twofold: A) Consistently find domain names at a bargain (our domain name tools can help with this) and B) Consistently find domainers or even better end users that want to buy your domain names.

Practical Domain Flipping Tips

Here are some practical tips for flipping domain names:

1. Choose a niche that you know a lot about/are comfortable in. You will have more success if you are an expert in the subject matter of the domain name that you are investigating for a potential flip. Chances are you have some type of specialized knowledge that separates you from the average person and allows you to find good domain deals. Whether it is financial advice or crocheting; almost every one has some type of hobby or skill set that will give them a leg up on the competition.

2. Use tools to speed up your domain name research. The money you make from great domain names that you can find by using cutting edge domain name tools that find keyword domain names, domain names with type in traffic, auction domain names with page rank, dictionary domain names, and much more can easily pay for the cost of our premium membership.

3. Keep learning all that you can. Flipping domain names can have some huge payoffs if you are willing to work hard and constantly learn all that you can. Put the time in and do the necessary research. Read our domain name blog to keep abreast of new ways to make money with domain names.

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