Sale: Some Domainer’s Just Don’t Get It

There has been some discussion lately in the domaining world whether the sale of was a “pure” domain name sale. Contrary to published information, it seems that many domainers are insisting that the $16 million paid was strictly for the domain name.

Now, whether this mistaken belief is because some domainers simply want to believe that their domain names are worth more than they really are or it is simply due to lack of basic business acumen/inability to read a press release/too quick to speak/any combination of the preceding – one thing is clear and that is that the record should be set straight.

Here it is –> wait for it –> this gets really complicated –>

The domain name AND WEBSITE was sold for $16 million.

There. Pretty easy to understand, right? :)

They did not sell off their business. They did not sell off just the domain name. They sold the domain name + the website for $16 million.

Oh, by the way, just happens to have a Google Page Rank of 6, 4,770 pages indexed in Google, 95,703 backlinks according to Yahoo, high rankings in all search engines for ultra profitable and ultra competitive insurance keywords, and the website alone easily makes millions plus every year.

So, are you sure you want to still just keep parking your domain names? :)

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13 Responses to “ Sale: Some Domainer’s Just Don’t Get It”
  1. Rauhbautz says:

    Great point! I’ve also noticed that too much talking about domain name, not a website (which is 25 years old – as stated on the website).

  2. Chris says:

    “The domain name AND WEBSITE was sold for $16 million”

    It is even more, a business has been sold :D

    We should see those things not so “domainer style” but more like a bank or manufacturing company that has changed hands.


    • Joel Ohman says:

      You are right in a theoretical sense (because I treat a money making websites just like its own little “business”) but technically you are incorrect because the company that formerly owned the domain name and website did not in fact sell their business.

  3. marko says:

    nope .
    i do not understand, surely the site and domain name was the business, or did the the transfer also inlude a massive office ,block, skills of staff and all the other asetts, servers etc etc otherwise how would they operate.
    also to be included ip rights, trademarks, unless we can see a full disclosure who knows.

    • Joel Ohman says:

      Unfortunately, you are incorrect. The company that owned the domain name and website will continue operations under a new name.

      While the great domain name and website was surely a great PART of their business it was not a case of “surely the site and domain name was the business”.

      It is easy to accidentally refer to this as a “sale of a business” and in the theoretical sense it certainly is because every money making website is certainly similar to its own business but in the technical sense it is not the sale of a business merely a business asset sale of domain name + website (accompanied by the related things like brand, backlinks, etc. that any good lawyer will make sure to include in the contract for the sale of a website).

  4. Of course it wasn’t domain sale. It was domain + website + backlinks + brand + traffic sale. Nice that more people understand it ;)

  5. Dan Sanchez says:


    Finally, someone who understands what really happened here. The domain name could have never sold for 16 million if it didn’t give 16 million dollars worth of VALUE.

    Forget parking.


  6. Allen Johnson says:

    Actually not really the website lets really think what can an marketing do with a insurance company website.I would say it was probably sold on the basis of traffic , seo stats, branding ( becuase the company was establish brand ) and generic of the domain. That is why people arguing over wether it the name ( even though name has been built up) or a business .It is just the company has no use for the website or the business of that company just taking the brand and name, and rights to name such as the stock options. the business is still there but just going to rename itself

  7. Steed says:

    I heard that sold to a Texas oilman years back for more than $30,000,000 million USD in cash and stock in his oil company just for the name only. I Would like to know why anyone would pay that kind of money for any dot com!


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