Is GoDaddy Ripping Off Our Geo Domain Name Tool?

If you have been a fan of our domain name tools for a while now then you are probably very familiar with our geo domain name tool. In fact, you have likely been using this tool for months. It now appears that GoDaddy is launching a tool in the near future that will be live on and that appears to be spookily similar to our Geo Domain Name Tool.

You can visit our tool here:

You can read the full story about the GoDaddy GeoDomain Search Tool here:

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7 Responses to “Is GoDaddy Ripping Off Our Geo Domain Name Tool?”
  1. Rauhbautz says:

    Agree, really looks like a copy…

  2. Just learned about your geo tool — it’s cool! Trying it out now…

  3. Chef Patrick says:

    Do you plan on contacting GoDaddy? Do I smell a lawsuit coming on?

  4. D. Proxy says:

    No, they aren’t. Or are they? I’d be concerned about what you were saying if I knew who “John G” was and your domain name wasn’t hidden behind a proxy whois. Come ON!!!!

    Will you post this comment knowing all my info isn’t real or is anonymous or a “proxy post’? If you don’t post it, your policies are hypocritical.

    I’m only interested because I know of another entity who was saying this was happening to them about this Godaddy tool, a week before you posted this article. I thought you might be them… but you aren’t.


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