My Guest Post for a Personal Finance Blog on Domain Name Investing

Many domainers talk about the need to educate “end users” and further the domain name industry by telling people about the value of domain names. Now is your chance to chime in with some comments on a guest post that I just got published on the popular personal finance blog (one of his posts about the flat tax received over 100 comments – nice!). Here is the guest post that I wrote so go check it out: Domain Name Investing 101 – Online Real Estate as an Asset Class

Maybe getting guest articles and guest posts published in non domaining related blogs, websites, newspapers, and magazines is a great strategy to further the domain name industry – what do you think?

If you think that this is a good idea then why not reach out to some mainstream bloggers, writers, and editors and give it a try?

I would especially like to see some articles from:

Aron Meystedt (writer of “Big Boys – It’s Time – Taking the Industry to the Next Level – I’m Contacting You TODAY” and “Seeking the End User — We are Missing the Target — It’s NOT the Fortune 500“)

Bruce Marler (writer of “Quit Blaming the End Users It Is A Domain Industry Problem“)

Rick Schwartz (the “Domain King”? nuff said. Ok, and also the writer of “Domainers Fail to Even SPOT an End User“)

How about you?

Enter your desired keyword(s) to start finding great domain names!

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3 Responses to “My Guest Post for a Personal Finance Blog on Domain Name Investing”
  1. Joel & Other Domain Name Investors – Investor education is KEY! All of us are interested in making money, but we don’t know where to start.

    If you guys can educate the community, it WILL drum up interest in your asset class, and undoubtedly further your cause.

    I personally am quite clueless to this asset class, so I find it extraordinarily fascinating to understand the ins and outs. I’ve asked Joel a ton of questions, and his fingers might fall off responding :) Hence, any new perspectives, welcome over at Financial Samurai!



    • Joel Ohman says:

      Ah, now it’s my turn to ask you some 6 point questions inside of 1 comment to get back at you! lol j/k maybe next time :)

      • Hahaha, I actually have 5 more questions, but I want to give you some rest first.

        It’s like investing in derivatives. Sounds scary in the beginning, but once you understand the basics, you get hooked b/c of the hedging capabilities and multi-bagger upside.

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