Type-In Traffic Finder

The Type-In Traffic Finder is a Google keyword domain tool that will help you find find domains that are likely to garner type in traffic because the domains are all exact matches to keyword phrases that have search engine traffic. The tool uses real time keyword data from Google to find available domain names that are an exact match to keywords that get searched in Google. For example, cars.com is an exact match to the keyword phrase “cars” while cars-123-online.com is NOT an exact match to the keyword phrase “cars”.

Definition of Type-In Traffic

“Type-In Traffic” (also known as “Direct Navigation Traffic”) is when a visitor navigates directly to a website by simply typing the keyword or keyword phrase they are searching for + .com into their browser’s URL address bar. – i.e. someone looking for a website on “cars” types cars.com directly into their browser’s URL address bar to see what website comes up rather than searching with a search engine to find a website about cars, clicking on a link from another website, or using a bookmark.

Type-In Traffic and Domaining

Every domainer worth their salt realizes that the more type in traffic that a domain generates then the more valuable the domain is. After all, traffic that comes from type-in traffic is essentially the most free kind of traffic that there is. Domainers who have a portfolio of domains with a lot of type-in traffic can often sit back and not even have to bother thinking of ways to generate traffic to their domains. Their only concern is how to best monetize the existing traffic that is happening naturally due to type in traffic hits.

Type-In Traffic and SEO

Also, every Internet marketer and SEO company that knows anything about Search Engine Optimization will tell you that if a domain matches its target keyword phrase exactly then it will be much easier to try and rank a website with that domain name on the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, or any other search engine for that target keyword phrase (i.e. the domain health.com has a huge advantage over the domain health-abc-online.com right out of the gate when it comes to being optimized to rank a website for the keyword “health” in a search engine).

We Make it Easy to Find Domains with Type-In Traffic

Of course, the domains cars.com and health.com are already registered but there are many other exact match keyword only domains available for hand registration. The Type-In Traffic Finder will help you find these domains in any niche that you choose. Simply enter in your keyword or keyword phrase to get started.

Hints for Using the Type-In Traffic Domain Finder Tool

Start with a general keyword and then begin to add more specific keywords. For example, if you would like to find a domain in the “coffee” niche then first enter “coffee” [without the quotations] into the tool. The tool will then return a number of keywords related to coffee and also additional keywords not as closely related to coffee as determined by real data from Google. The tool will also tell you if there is a domain that exactly matches any of those keywords available to register. If you don’t see a domain available that you like with the general keyword of “coffee” then look at some of the related keywords and choose one of them to enter into the tool to drill down closer into the coffee niche. Maybe choose “coffee beans”, “coffee roasters”, “flavored coffee”, etc.

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