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We recently received a series of questions related to type in traffic by a visitor to our site and I thought that they were great questions so after replying to his questions in an email I decided to include the transcript of our email exchange as it may be useful for anyone else that has had these type in traffic questions. Here it is:

Message from our contact form:

I just visited your site for the 1st time. I am very intriged by the type-in domain name idea. I think this idea may work for me for either by redirecting the name or with mini sites (depending on the specifics).

Three Questions:
1) Do you have any information about how much of this type-in traffic actually takes place. Is there any way of finding the amount of this traffic for a particular term?

2) If I have a type-in domain name redirected to my main name, is there a way to track the traffic that comes via the that name. I use Google Analytics. I can see how to do this if I have a mini site, but not sure how with a redirect.

3) If I set up a mini site with a type-in name do you have any wisdom on how much of a boost I would get from a type-in domain name in the SERPS vs a page url with the same terms?

My Response:


1) It is estimated that as much as 10-15% of all Internet traffic is type-in traffic (Link)

2) It depends on the type of redirect that you use (Link)

3) I have first hand experience as well as experience from many other SEO’s that having a domain name that matches exactly to a keyword phrase will definitely give a very large boost to rankings. I have ranked sites almost immediately for competitive keyword phrases within weeks of putting up a site on a domain that matches exactly to the keyword or keyword phrase (I wrote this guest post for SEO Moz recently: Link and there is also this article from SEO Book among many others: Link)

Hope that this helps and we would encourage you to sign up for premium membership to enjoy full access to all of our tools as well as access to our website development tutorial videos. – Joel

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2nd Message (I have changed the details of his search terms to protect any domains that he may want to purchase that he found using the type in traffic tool – although keep in mind that all domain names found using the type in traffic finder tool go into the keyword domain repository and are available immediately for premium members to look through):


Thanks for your quick response. This may very well help with a problem I am
trying to solve.

I have a couple of follow-on questions

1) I noticed that the 10-15% type-in traffic was from an old source and
several of the comments predicted a decline. Do you have any feel how this
has changed since the date of the article?

2)About Exact match. Example: I am looking at a domain name for a common FAQ for my product.
At the moment I have a page on my site targeted at the FAQ “How to do a
***.” I have tried several page names, titles, etc. The highest
I have ever been able to rank is #17 when I use How to “conduct” a
***. The rest of the time I do not even show on the 1st 10
The type-in tool shows several different ways this FAQ is searched,

***.com (720) is taken (somebody is trying to
sell it for several grand).
***.com (5400) is taken (it is not currently active)
***.com (4400) is available
***.com (1300) is available

If I build a quality mini-site on ***.com:

a) What would happen to the type-in traffic for the other three terms?

b) Would it be considered an “exact match” for the other three in the SERPs? If not “exact match,” what?

Again, Thanks

P.S. I have playing with several of your tools, they look very useful.

My 2nd Response:


1) The 10-15% number is probably pretty conservative in my opinion. There are a few other places that back this up (Link)

2) Chances are you can still rank the existing page in question it is just that you will need a lot of backlinks with the right anchor text pointing to that page.

a) Many people buy more than one domain (myself included) and then redirect all of the secondary domains to the primary domain. i.e If you ever bought ***.com then you could buy all of the others and redirect them to your main site. Keep in mind that I only advise doing this for domain names that have the exact same target keyword.

b) No. If a domain contains only the keyword and nothing else than it is an exact match keyword domain name. If it contains the keyword exactly and something else then it is keyword rich. If it contains a variation of the keyword then it is not a keyword domain (at least as far as that particular target keyword phrase is concerned).

Keep in mind that those numbers in the type in traffic tool come directly from the Google Adwords Keyword tool and represent the number of times that that particular phrase is searched on average every month. Those numbers do not reflect exact type in traffic numbers of course as there is no easy way to estimate actual type in traffic numbers apart from realizing that the larger the number of monthly searches and the shorter the keyword/keyword phrase then the higher the type in traffic number tends to be.

Hope that this helps! – Joel

Hopefully the above email correspondence was helpful. What questions do you have about type in traffic? Have you used our tool for finding type in traffic? To receive full access to our type in traffic tool and all of our other tools then be sure and sign up for premium membership!

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