Watch Me Hand Register Keyword .com Domains Worth More than $100

Want to hand register .com domain names that are an exact match to keywords that have profitable Google searches each and every month? Of course, what domainer wouldn’t?

The catch often is how to find those exact match keyword only domain names and calculate if they are worth the hand registration fee. Well, watch me as I attempt to hand register some .com domain names that hopefully we can all agree are worth more than $100.

Step 1: Choose Profitable Niches

The first step is to choose some niches that are profitable. For the purpose of this exercise let’s define profitable as keywords that have a Google CPC (Cost Per Click) of $1.00 or higher and more than 1,000 average monthly Google searches according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Let’s start with a list of some of the top paying Adsense keywords that we can get here, here, or here.

Of course, not all of those niches will work. We can discard the pharmacy, porn, and casino related keywords and concentrate on some of the other “safer” niches like finance and health. Let’s grab some of the keywords that we like and head on over to the Type-In Traffic Finder Tool. This tool will pull data from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and check the availability of all domain names related to the keywords that we enter into the tool.

Step 2: Find Available Related Domain Names

The trick with using the Type-In Traffic Finder Tool is to first enter in general keywords and then look at the related keyword results returned by the tool to see if any of those available names are attractive and if not then start to enter some of those more specific related keywords back into the tool to drill down and find some great .com keyword domain names available for hand registration.

Let’s enter in “student loan” into the tool and see what comes up:

The first available domain name that the tool returns is Kind of a long domain name but it has potential because it matches the keyword phrase “student loan consolidation interest rates” exactly and it seems like this keyword phrase is a phrase that is very commercially oriented (i.e. high CPC and shows strong user intent). Just to make sure let’s now take a look at the Google Adwords Tool and see what the CPC is for “student loan consolidation interest rates”:

Wow! $39.12 CPC. Very high. It looks like is a winner predominantly because of its extremely high CPC but also because of its search volume (1,000 average searches in Google alone every month). Even if one was to decide to just write a simple one page article and slap up some AdSense ads then this domain could very well turn a profit after only a few clicks with that kind of extremely high CPC. Yes, a domain name that is this long will probably not get much if any type in traffic BUT it should be quite easy to rank for the keyword phrase “student loan consolidation interest rates” even if one only has the most basic SEO knowledge – all due to the exact match of the keyword to the domain name + .com.

Let’s try to find a couple more good ones. Let’s enter “incorporation” into the Type-In Traffic Finder:

There are a ton of very good domain names available in the “incorporation” niche. I personally like Let’s take a look at what the CPC is for “incorporation certificate”:

“Incorporation Certificate” is a very respectable $3.97 CPC and I also notice that the plural version “incorporation certificates” has a CPC of $8.70 with average search volume of 260 times per month so I check to see if the plural is available as well using our Instant Domain Search Tool:

Yup, the plural version is available so I decide to grab both of them and probably just redirect the singular to the plural. and have a combined average monthly number of Google searches of 8,360 and a CPC of $3.97 and $8.70 respectively. These 2 domain names are definitely worth more than than the registration fee that I am about to pay and prob worth more than $100.

Step 3: Purchase the Domain Names

The 3rd and final step is the most obvious. I need to actually purchase the 3 domain names (note the date and time on the invoice and then note the date and time of this post):

Find Some Great Keyword .com Domains for Yourself!

Now you have seen how simple it is to find great keyword .com domain names in lucrative niches that are exact matches to keywords with significant search volume. Use our Type-In Traffic Finder Tool or our Keyword Domain Repository (our database of domain names that the Type-In Traffic Finder and our proprietary Domain Spider have found previously) to find some great domain names now!

Enter your desired keyword(s) to start finding great domain names!

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5 Responses to “Watch Me Hand Register Keyword .com Domains Worth More than $100”
  1. Ms Domainer says:



    Some nice tools, which I have placed on my fave list for domaining.

    One thing, though: I thought that the Google Keyword Tool is more accurate if you set the drop down menu from “Broad” to “Exact.”

    I suppose if the keyword pays enough, it doesn’t matter if you get 1,000 exact hits a month.

    I guess I’m a bit confused, but maybe the rule of thumb is different when you’re looking at long-tail domains.

    Good job!


  2. Joel Ohman says:

    Great point! You are definitely right that when it comes to attempting to estimate any kind of type in traffic that a domain will get as a percentage of the average monthly Google searches that the domain’s exact match keyword phrase receives one should use the exact match instead of the broad match.

    Type in traffic estimation aside I think that if you go long tail enough with the keywords (more than 4 words probably) that the SEO value of being able to rank for those long tail keywords is still pretty high (i.e. if you have the domain name then yes you can probably rank pretty easily for “student loan consolidation interest rates” but you can also probably rank pretty easily for “student loan consolidation interest rates online”, “private student loan consolidation interest rates”, etc.)

    You bring up a great point and I think it is important to balance the long tail keyword phrases vs. the keywords and shorter keyword phrases when trying to determine how much type in traffic and also SEO benefit a particular domain may get.

  3. I have been registering similar domains recently and putting one page mini sites up with adsense.

    From what I see its easy money if you have the right keywords!

    I have several sites making only a few dollars per day but that still on avg $900 per year from a site that costs less $10

    Good Luck to you!



  4. Excellent information.

    I’m playing with the Type-In Traffic Finder Tool right now.


  5. Johan says:

    Very nice tools! I’ve been experimenting with similar tools myself but never had the time to finish them. Yesterday I registered a couple domains even though I told myself “enough” a while ago. :)

    I eager to see of they will get any traffic after big G sniffs them up. As long as they can bring in more than $10 per year it’s good enough for me. :)

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