What is a Sub Domain Name?

What is a sub domain name? A sub domain name is a domain name that is a part of a larger top level domain name.

An example is probably the best way to explain what a sub domain name is.

Let’s say that you want to buy a domain name so you head on over to GoDaddy (a popular domain name registrar). While you are over there you have some questions and need to get help. You stumble across their help center which has the URL http://help.godaddy.com. This is a perfect example of a sub domain. In http://help.godaddy.com the “help” portion is the sub domain and the “godaddy” portion is the top level domain. Many webmasters set up sub domains to better categorize their site.

Another common way of categorizing a site instead of using subdomains is to use folders. An example of using a folder system to categorize a website instead of a sub domain would be if GoDaddy had decided to create a “help” folder. If they had then the URL to visit for help would be http://godaddy.com/help rather than the sub domain of http://help.godaddy.com.

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